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Hardware Monitor Applet

(this page has been shamelessly cribbed from Ole Laurson's original)


Important! See the news below about a new version...

The Hardware Monitor applet is a small program for the Gnome panel. You can use it to monitor various hardware aspects. It's smoother and more flexible than the default offering in GNOME.

Take a look at the screenshots page for an idea of how it looks like. The features section below has more information.


Well, GNOME 3 has put paid to this much missed applet. But don't worry! If you're a user of XFCE4, then Omega Phil has sweated blood and tears over a spanking new port of the hardware monitor applet (old location). Rush over and grab a copy now!

1.4.3 was the first version that lived on this site. It contains a critical crash fix for later versions of GNOME.

Version 1.4.2 fixes compilation on latest GNOME (patch by Make Auty) and is updated to lm-sensors 3.x API (reported by Francisco Pina Martins). There are also a couple of translation updates.

Version 1.4.1 contains a couple of bug fixes (patches from Simon Wenner and Christof Krüger) and lots of translation updates.

Version 1.4 adds a vertical version of the bar viewer by patch from Emmanuel Rodriguez. Fixes wrong counting of CPU time with new libgtop. Translation updates.

Version 1.3 takes advantage of new API in gtkmm 2.6 to get rid of the dependency on libgnomemm and libgnomeuimm. Included are also some bug fixes and lots of translation updates. Use version 1.2.1 if you do not have gtkmm 2.6 yet.

Version 1.2.1 is a bug fix release. Lots of translations updated too.


The applet supports various viewers which you can switch between easily (all are animated smoothly):

And the applet supports monitoring the following hardware characteristics:

To avoid eating CPU time when it is scarce, the applet lowers its priority.

Source code

Released source tarballs are here. The latest development source is also available from the GNOME Git server.

Requirements: at least a Gnome 2.6 desktop including libpanel-applet 2 and libgtop 2.6 and version 2.6 of the C++ wrappers for GTK+/GNOME (i.e. gtkmm, gconfmm, libglademm, libgnomecanvasmm). For monitoring temperatures and fan speeds, you need libsensors.


Send bug reports to (email) . Please include the words “Hardware Monitor” or something like that in the subject line. I will look sometime soon at setting up a bugzilla project on the GNOME server.