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All changes to this page will be announced on comp.sys.acorn.announce.

Updated 29th January 2002

Currently present:

PGP NEW Acorn RegEx Module.
TarBall PGP Original regex tarball.
FuelGuage PGP !Fuelguage — car fuel consumption monitor.
Module PGP Lock_@RunTypes — module to protect override of current Alias$@RunType_xxx variables.
McGlynnus PGP !McGlynnus — silly next-generation Os & Xs game.

For the paranoid, the PGP signatures for those downloads may be fetched by clicking on PGP next to each item. My public key may be fetched from here. To use them, download them and the binary into the same directory, then:

pgp downloaded-filename.asc

... will automagically check downloaded-filename against it's signature.